See the release notes for a list of changes and features.

# Steps to migration from v1.x

  1. Adjust the versions in all package.json files from 1 to 2 for @app-config/main and plugins.
  2. Move any app-config.{ext} files to .app-config.{ext}
  3. In Node.js applications, call the asynchronous loadConfig before accessing any config properties.
  4. Find and variable substitutions (eg. '$PORT' in a string) and surround it with $substitute.
  5. Make sure to look out for any usage of internal APIs of app-config. TypeScript should catch these.

As stated above, your main file should look like this:

import config, { loadConfig } from '@app-config/main';

async function main() {
  await loadConfig();

  // after loadConfig is resolved (not just called!), `config` is accessible

This isn't a complete list, though it should cover most issues. You'll want to test things out thoroughly before moving to v2 in production. One nice feature is that you can install @app-config/main@2 globally on your system, and run it with CWD of your project:

yarn global add @app-config/main@2

app-config vars -C ~/dev/my-project

This is a good way to verify that config and schema loading works. Check the values it outputs. Also check that your environment-specific variables are correct.

And of course, run your application in a variety of different configurations.