Before Reading

Head on over to the Introduction or Quick Start if you haven't already.

Using app-config inside of a Node.js app should be easy! If you've set up a schema and a source for configuration values (as outlined in the intro), there's only two lines of code required.

import { config, loadConfig } from '@app-config/main';

// you're best off initializing config ASAP in your program
async function main() {
  await loadConfig();

  console.log({ config });

Note that files are resolved internally relative to the CWD. Normally, your app-config files will be located alongside package.json. This can be overridden (see API Reference) if you really need to.

# Accessing Config

Your application can treat the config export as an object anywhere that it needs to. As long as it does not read properties from that object before loadConfig has finished, it's safe to "just use the export". Reading configuration before then should trigger errors.

# TypeScript Type Usage


  - { file: 'src/@types/lcdev__app-config/index.d.ts' }

Running the generate CLI will write the file referenced in the meta file.

npx @app-config/cli generate

If your include section in tsconfig includes the generated index.d.ts file, this should give types to the config export. See the guide for more about this.