# Code/Types Generation

Code generation is dictated by the meta file. This file lives alongside config and schema files.


  - { file: 'src/@types/lcdev__app-config/index.d.ts' }

Run the CLI to write the type files.

npx @app-config/cli generate

If you have src/**/* in your include of tsconfig.json, then TypeScript should be aware of the type of the config export. Otherwise, you might want to use typeRoots (opens new window).

There are examples of code generation in each of our example projects (opens new window).

An example of the file that's written is below:


// Run app-config with 'generate' command to regenerate this file

import '@app-config/main';

export interface Config {
  user?: User;

export interface User {
  name?: string;

// augment the default export from app-config
declare module '@app-config/main' {
  export interface ExportedConfig extends Config {}

By "augmenting" the module, TypeScript will know that config has a specific type.

Other options for the meta file:

  • file: filepath of code to write
  • name: export name, mostly for aesthetic reasons
  • augmentModule: if app-config main export should be typed
  • leadingComments: first couple lines to insert in file
  • rendererOptions: unstable options passed to quicktype

# Go Support

See App Config in Golang page for more.

# Rust Support

See App Config in Rust page for more.