# Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting "SecretsRequireTTY" errors in CI.


This error occurs when App Config is trying to decrypt secrets. To do so, it needs to unlock the repository's private keys. If the global keychain has a passphrase, this cannot be done without prompting the user for a passphrase on stdin.

In environments in CI, there's no TTY, and therefore, we can't prompt the user!

You likely want to create a passphrase-less team member, using app-config secrets ci subcommand. Or, for local development, run the app-config secret agent!

I'm getting "module not found" or something similar (like "fs" problems), in a web app.


Usually, this means you haven't set up our webpack plugin correctly.

Our plugin internally "rewrites" the app-config NPM module, only exposing a very minimal surface. So it's likely that Webpack is trying to load the Node.js module, but failing because we use Node.js APIs internally.

How I use App Config with Create React App?


Find a way to add Webpack configuration (there's plenty out there), and follow our instructions for that.

How I use App Config with XYZ?


File a GitHub issue on our repository, and we'll see if we can officially support it.

How I use mock App Config?


The App Config module exports an mockConfig(override) function. It allows you to internally set configuration without loading from files / the environment.

It returns a function to un-mock.