# App Config Inject

A separate package called @app-config/inject exists to configure frontend applications at runtime.

This is compatible with any of the existing App Config bundlers (webpack, vite, rollup, etc).

The app-config-inject binary parses HTML and injects app-config values at runtime. This is useful for frontend applications that need to be configured with deploying. In particular, it allows you to have one docker image that can be re-used with different frontend configurations (eg. enabling beta features, changing API URLs, or theming).

An example dockerfile:




FROM nginx:1.15-alpine

RUN apk update && apk add nodejs npm

RUN npm i -g @app-config/inject@2

ADD .app-config.schema.yml /etc/my-app/.app-config.schema.yml

ADD index.html /var/www/index-src.html


CMD cat /var/www/index-src.html \
  | app-config-inject --schema-dir /etc/my-app > /usr/share/nginx/html/index.html \
  && nginx -g "daemon off;"

Note that app-config-inject needs to know what the config schema is. In the dockerfile above, we've added it to /etc/my-app and used the --schema-dir option.